VeraCash is the first global currency based on precious metals. Save, Buy and Share.

VeraCash offers the consumers an alternative in response of today’s challenges and not only with regards to the broken banking system or the currencies’ inability to support the real economy. VeraCash promotes sustainable development, ethical and fair use, resilience and above all supports the purchasing power.

In 2016, VeraCash has become a complementary currency based on precious metals. These safe havens have always been considered in times of doubts and crisis. Today, they can play a bigger role. We want to redefine their use in order to enable easy and fast trade, without any charges and outside the banking system.

VeraCash is creating its own network dedicated to customers’ exchange and will soon integrate merchants’ network.

“We want VeraCash to become a complementary currency in addition to other sovereign currencies such as the Euro and Dollar. Our aim is to give power back to the citizens, defend the social economy by providing a disruptive and positive model.”

 – Jean-François Faure, Founder and CEO –

Send or receive VERACASH anywhere in the world at any time.


The mobile application is a simple, fast and secure peer-to-peer solution to send or receive VERACASH money. Whether as a pay back solution, give money to friends or relatives or even a service provider, it has never been so easy and is just two steps away: you can just do so using your email.


The recipient does not have an account yet?
Opening an account is free of charge and only takes a few minutes.

VeraCash will empower customers, allowing them to pay selected merchants in the future.


VeraCash App and VeraCard Mastercard are currently available for french citizens. The company will expand to Europe soon.

If you have any question, contact us.

VeraCash application on iPhone and iPad

About the company.

Jean-François Faure launched in his backyard garden in 2009 and Veracash in 2015. Previously, he had successfully founded and sold a company which pioneered SEO at the internet early stages. Soon after, he focused his attention on precious metals as he wanted to invest for himself. As Jean-François came to the conclusion that the banks were unable to answer his needs, he decided to create, an online platform for private investors to buy and sell vault stored gold and silver coins, outside the banking system. quickly became a top leading company in France. He created in 2013 the first gold, silver and diamond-backed payment card in the world, converting precious metal as a day to day money. VeraCarte was born as a service offered by

In 2015, Veracash has been created to develop the full potential of VeraCarte and is just about to be spread worldwide. By mid 2016, the company gathers thousands of users. Jean-François hires a project team to speed up the company development. A mobile application, a complementary currency as well as a crowdfunding are launched by late 2016. The story goes on…

Latest Press Releases.

October 16th 2016 – VeraCash announces its participation to the Websummit Lisbon (English / French)


VeraCash is raising 500K€ to develop its activities. See our crowdfunding page (in french):